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The apartment is a grand 1930's style duplex, built in the New York pre-war manner and would be  considered a "Classic 10 or 11"


The builders were clearly sensitive too, and influenced by the origins of Brazil by naming the building "Pindorama", the indigenous name for what became know as Brazil.

The decoration of the apartment uses both Art deco and indigenous motifs through out, along with the modern indigenous art to best present this beautiful space.

Sala de Estar 1.jpg


Pindorama was design and built between 1939-1942 to the maximum permitted size allowed of buildings in Copacabana at that time.


This apartment was built for the owner of the development company that built the building. And was done to the highest possible standards.


During the 1950's/1960’s it was owned by Dutch Consul and used as their private residence.

The Property

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